Week Without Walls


Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls is a one week  excursion outside the classroom. The purpose of Week Without Walls is for students to experience learning and hands-on activities in a relevant field outside of the classroom. Some of our groups have included:

Gulf Coast
“The Effect of Natural and Man Made Disasters on the Gulf Coast: Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill.”  Students visited ecosystems along the coast and examined the effects of these two disasters on the culture, economy and environment of the Gulf.

Students cooked in the kitchen at FCA and made fajitas, guacamole and more!  They also enjoyed professional cooking classes off campus!

Urban Mission
“Nashville: Urban Experience” gave students a hands-on, eye-opening, immersion into the needs of our city and how they could make a difference!

Simple Life
Students learned to make baskets, butter, and candles. They also visited a working 1800s farm and a local organic farm, learned the sources of their meals, and spent a day hiking in nature and a night camping under the stars.

Students explored art in Franklin and Nashville by visiting art museums, artists studios and creating art with various mediums.

Work it Out (STEM)  
Students made several robotic and building projects throughout the week.

Students participated in sports in many venues around town while also learning about nutrition and healthy eating.

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