FCA & Renweb

Franklin Christian Academy incorporates an on-line based school management system for teachers, parents, students, and administration to keep up with the academic, communication, and scheduling of school functions through a system called RenWeb. RenWeb’s online system allows parents and students to effectively oversee and manage a student’s academic and behavioral progress on a daily basis. Using online banking level of security, parents and students may view homework assignments, lesson plans, grade books, attendance and discipline issues easily and quickly. From anywhere you can access the web, you can see your student’s information as well as communicate with teachers and staff. RenWeb also has an application iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

Renweb also allows parents to pay tuition through their PayEasy function utilizing bank draft and or credit/debit card payments methods.

Parental Instructions to Log Into RenWeb Site
Our new school database ( will now allow you to access your child’s daily assignments and grades (plus more) on the internet.

To access the Parent’s Web Site:
•    Go to Internet Explorer and type in the address
•    Click on Parents Login.
•    Log in as follows: District Code is FCA-TN then type in the e-mail address that you provided to the school. This must be exactly as you put on the school application.
•    Click new parent login if you have not logged in RenWeb before.
•    You will be emailed a new password within 3 minutes (to the e-mail address you typed in, which must be the same e-mail address that you provided to the school.)
•    Go back to the first screen and type in your password to log in.
•    Select “continue.”
•    To access grades, click “Classrooms.”
•    This will bring up all classes that each of your children are enrolled in at the school.
•    Click on Homework Summary or Gradebook Summary at the top of the column for each child.
•    You will be able to find other school information available about your child on this site as well as the ability to e-mail the teachers directly.
•    Please call the school if you have any problems or questions.

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